Offer from the collective School on Ascension

The School on Ascension is a collective of masters and supervisors who offer support in various ways in the awakening process on Earth. To serve from an alignment with the source is what connects us to each other, and the desire to live from heart and soul.

We support everyone who is willing to take their original place and contribute in their own way to creating the New Earth. We do this through training, online events, workshops, one-on-one guidance, lag term projects and seminars.

Services & Products

In addition to the courses and courses that are provided from the School, or more precisely from Jan Pieter, there is also a collective of masters and supervisors who offer services from this site. This is called the collective School on Ascension. All these products, like the School itself, contribute to the New Earth and are guarded by the so-called ‘School on Ascension quality mark’, so that the same quality is guaranteed in all these facets.

Life Breath

Yvonne Schotsman

Ancestor session

Jan Pieter Schreur

Life is Art

Jaco Geense


Roland van Olst


Jaco Geense

Inner-luck child

Almira Cedic