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Rainbow session in essence means color sessions. This form of counselling comes from the 13 Primal Colors. These colors all have their own expertise. Together they create the unity. There is an infinite amount of qualities in each color, so that only that which is meant for you transfers.

My style of work is a balance of the Earthly and the Cosmic. The Cosmic part is our spiritual task, the soul mission, that which we were born for. But in order to bring that to Earth you have to take a position in society. When these two come together the great sense of fulfilment manifests itself.

Which form of counselling appeals to you?

Rainbow session


We follow your soul line and tune into crucial moments in order to activate powers. The entry-level determines the intention of this series of three sessions


Circle session


A separate session where we will optimize your divine space. We install the four circles and we set conditions for every layer so that tranquility will come about

Breakthrough session


If it is not yet time for a serie or course we can have a separate breakthrough session to. In this way we break open the growth for the coming period of time

Transition counseling


Counseling on monthly base, where we will work on multiple levels in order to get the most out of your mission. I will be a friend, guide, shaman and supervisor


Rainbow session and Transition counseling

How will it take place?

Beforehand there will be a discoverys session where we will try to clarify your goals together. If there’s mutual trust and we both feel the potential for cooperation, we set a course and together we will look for a form that fits our cooperation. This will take around half an hour.

What does a session look like?

When the session starts we find ourselves in a sacred space where words activate fields and emotions. Blockages are infinite because the wounds exist primarily on a collective level. That’s why we use your company or soul mission as entrance to work from, so that it has an immediate effect on your current life and company flow. That often shows itself in the moment or just before that. In the sessions your essential themes are touched on in order to transform them out of the source, so that you can really start with your mission. The session is often the revelation of an energetic preparation. Beforehand we will work together for some time to prepare you. That’s why a lot of things will go into motion between the sessions, so that we will reach our goals. After a short conversation we start a journey that you will undergo consciously. So you can step in and out of it at any time. It is very subtle and it can still bring about emotional and physical reactions. On this journey we use your body as a roadmap. With this framework we travel through other times, worlds and dimensions. Because we work with one or more themes we travel along the line to the source so that we touch the root of a wound. In one of those lines multiple lives can be revealed and you don’t have to step into them entirely. A glimpse is enough. We assume that they are whole and perfect and connect you only to other parts that will give you new powers. The sessions are not aimed at healing, rather more towards outlines and reconnections.

  • Sessions take place through Skype. (excepting on locations)
  • Sessions are recorded so that you can watch, hear and experience it again later for a deeper integration
  • The entry-level determines the approach and result of the session

For Professionals and Masters there is also the possibility of being counselled with the Business Blueprint, the 13 steps to success programme. This is based on a Universal pattern which I use in the Wheel of Life as well. We will outline an energetic line in a structured manner and work together intensively to reach the goals we have set. We work with the Business Blueprint, Skype, Live on loaction and Whatsapp in order to channel energy towards the needed themes and qualities at the right time. Here all aspects of life are considered to open a large growth in your consciousness and business.

Which entry-level fits the steps you’re going to take now?



Through outlining with your being we try to clarify your source and subsequently your mission. We walk through your soul line and tune into crucial moments in order to activate powers



If you soul mission is already clear but you are still experiencing blockages we can see what is necessary to bring your deepest desire to Earth. Here we will expand and start with forms



For when you’re ready to stand with your company and soul mission, and could use support in embodying it. Counseling for professionals that claim their place in the world



Guidance and support for those that are completing their life task and start the work that which they have came here for. Start living on the highest level. Mastery in this earthly reality

Rainbow series and courses

I take a different role in every form and with every product, that’s why there will be coordination talks in between to determine my role together, depending on where you are and what your personal need for this phase is…

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