We don’t have to do anything, only to remember

In this exciting time of transformation a lot of old souls will rise and claim their mastery. The School of Ascension is dedicated to supporting these ‘new earth’ people in their last steps so that they can complete the path of their soul

Are you willing to walk your holy path? Do you want to repair the connection to your being and afterwards to bring your personal thesis to this Earth?

In that case you have just found the key…

What does the School on Ascension offer?


Annual programmes and courses that clarify your process and life path through flowing structures


Healing and counseling tailor-made for your soul mission and convey it to the world

The Handbook

An inauguration path of 130 steps towards inner unity. A message directly to the soul


A portal of Earthly wisdom and Galactic knowledge. Initiator of the School of Ascension

Why the School on Ascension?

The School on Ascension offers tools specially made for this time!

Since the matrix has come into existence a lot of roads toward enlightenment have been blocked. Luckily, tools have come to Earth from immense support from higher layers that will bring us past the impossible. Like this the Wheel of Life, the Key of Unity came to me in 2014. A structure based on the old Medicine Wheel, though expanded to higher and deeper layers, the seven higher heavens and seven rainbow layers. This tool frames your development in stages so that you can rediscover a new layer of yourself every time. It’s carried by a field consisting of: the Christ energy, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Spiritual Hierarchy, God, Goddess, Great Spirit and Great Mystery. It’s a balance between the clear mental masculine and the streaming nourishing feminine.

Because it is a blueprint of this Universe you can meet, purify and integrate all of your layers and parts in this. A tool that helps you create an earthly foundation so that your soul can pick up the thread on its immense journey.

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Are you ready to stand for who you are?

Rainbowsessions – tuning in on your soul purpose

This form of healing and counseling originates from the 13 Primal Colors that flow through me. By making my field available activations come into existence. We travel through time and space to crucial moments in your soul history in order to connect you to lost qualities. So that you can stand for who you truly are.

The sessions are a balance between Cosmic, in order to clarify your soul purpose, and Earthly in order to convey it to this world. Especially the combination of the two causes true magic and grand accomplishment.

School of Ascension – Welcoming your being on Earth

As the Earth orbits the sun in a year, the sun in turn orbits the center of the Pleiadic galaxy, the star Alcyone. These 26,000-year cycle is now coming to fulfilment. This is the transition from Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. But at the same time, we also complete a cycle of 230 million years around the galactic center of the Milky Way. According to the Maya it is Hanab k’u. This is what we know as; “The end of the Mayan calendar”. Our entire galaxy is about to be reborn. But it goes even further. Our entire galaxy is doing an even greater round of infinite years around the center of this Universe, the Great Central Sun, and this cycle is also coming to an end. All these cycles come to an end simultaneously, which means that we as the whole Universe are entering a new phase.

The earth plays an important role in this transition phase. All beings, organisms, races, colors and peoples are represented here. The purpose of the Earth was to relive and heal the entire history of the universe, in matter, so that we can experience the divine source, in the physical. No other planet knows the density of the Earth, let alone the free will and way of creating without outside intervention. The aim of this game was to collectively free ourselves from the veils of duality, heal the karma of the races, and choose again for peace, light and unconditional love. As much as we are loved, intervention from the light was not intended at this stage so that man would pick up his own divine power. This is the phase in which we find ourselves as humanity, but also as a universe. As a collective, we are preparing to move beyond the lessons of duality, self-discovery, and exploration, and enter a time of multidimensionality, self-mastery and fulfillment. The new earth …

At this time, new-time mystery schools will emerge that spread and welcome consciousness about living and working in the new earth. A big difference with old traditions is that in the new earth you always own and remain the owner of your development. You are responsible for your experience, and what you land of that consciousness in your life. It is a time of mastery and therefore has other forms of transmission.

The School of Ascension is one of the new age mystery schools, offering a space to remember your mastery and to connect with this earthly reality. It stems from an intention long ago deployed by a group of magicians to create a pillar of light at the time of the transition, the dark night before the sun rises again.

A space in which; masters, crystal, indigo, rainbow children, specialists, leaders can awaken. And thus be able to take their true place, serving the whole.

Welcome to the School of Ascension!



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