The Handbook for the New Earth

An initiation path of 130 steps

The 13 Primal Colors


The energy behind the book, the 13 original colors that sustain the Universe



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Blogs and video’s


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Message direct to the soul

This book is a spiritual guide that guides you at your own pace through the lessons and pitfalls of this exciting time of transition. The book contains wisdom from ancient cultures and lost civilizations and uses an energy structure of the Maya, the Tzolkin.

You literally go on a journey through time and space and thus go through all phases of consciousness, from the origin of the soul, to returning to the Source. The first part is mainly aimed at supporting you in finding yourself and building your foundation. In the second part we will come out from that base, that is the path of unity.

I, the author Jan Pieter Schreur, have lived through the steps in four years, and the answers of my experiences are woven into a blueprint in the texts, which touch deeper layers in rhythmic, almost poetic form. The magic that I have experienced in writing, the connection that arose with the unity and world of guides, carries the book as a key.

The words will fuse with your reality and a collaboration will arise with your Higher Self and guides, the book and your reality. Thus you can transcend the contradiction of duality. It inspires, redeems and continues where other paths stop.