The 13 Primal Colors

We used to all bathe together in the Universal love of the source. There was a desire to know who we are and we started to split up. 13 colors lowered in frequency and took physical shape to produce the perfect dream of God and Goddess. These colors have further split up on many layers until finally coming to the furthest possible pole, man and woman. They ended up on the Earth in the world of duality.

We all have a certain color as origin and it’s our goal and mission to integrate the other eleven colors in different lives so that we become the thirteenth color; the Source. This is the long path we have walked since the origin of our soul. In this magical time of reunion a lot of old souls come together again to collect their final colors in order to fulfill their Legacy and return back Home.


The energy of the Dragon is the Primal Mother and encompasses the immense void out of which everything was formed. This is the initiation of every new beginning. She carries the whole of creation with her primal trust and is the basis of all existence. This space is the fertile soil from which all life flows. Both light and dark, she does not judge on this. Everything is as it is and will finally reach his or her base. As a warm mother this ray is loving and cherishing, the power of complete ardour.


Seed symbolises the phases of growth. The potential is present in everything and everyone and with the right focus it will be shown to advantage. This power gives inspiration to the formed matter, it’s the growing factor of all creations, the sexual energy, zest for life and enjoyment. The knowledge to find the right steps that are needed for personal growth is gained through experience. Sometimes you break through a resistance, another time you want patiently. It gives light to difficult periods and gives you the possibility to change your perspective.


The energy of the Worldbridger brings everything towards unity. By listening to all interests and connecting all opposition, this power ensures coherence among all rays. She surpasses the duality, because that refers to the individual, not the unity. In this ray the different races meet each other and a Universal language comes to be. This ray is the founder of the Galactic covenant and helps us surpass the old in order to welcome the new. A new world is born on the foundation of the old in this manner.


The energy of the Hand allows the soul to be fully appreciated. He opens consciousness and introduces you to the next layer. Consciousness always leads to further enlightenment, which expresses itself in wanting to serve the whole. By acting selflessly from unity you bring your environment to the next level. You become a channel for higher powers and bring healing with your words and actions. This ray offers salvation and opens gates to new layers of your Being, both in depth and height.


The energy of the Moon brings you back to your foundation and brings balance and cleansing. She conveys the changing power of the Cosmos as calm, soothing, flowing water. She makes blockages tangible and offers you the keys to proceed. This constant evolution works as a living mechanism and supports you to break through something. She gives access to cellular consciousness and the emotional field through which personal and collective wounds can be healed. By acknowledging the undercurrent emotions can transform.


The Dog is the guardian of truth and keeper of the process. He guards to collective mental field and makes the invisible visible. Because of this you see what’s hidden behind obstacles and disguises. In order to see through a state of selflove is always necessary, otherwise this power will work against you. That’s why this power will guide you to your heart first. By being loyal to yourself and your ideals a sense of justice towards others arises. Compassion opens the door for your shadowparts, so that you can Be complete again.


The monkey is always searching for clever inventions in order to lift rusted blockages in the energy field with innovative vision. By breaking through defense mechanisms, new space for your pure essence, your Inner Child comes to be. By being vulnerable you’re invulnerable. Through humour, art and song you can bring out that which lives inside. It’s the power of expression, the stationary coems into motion. From this we can rewrite non-nourishing programs and deploy technology from unity.


The skywalker fine-tunes the Earthly and the Cosmic, but also different layers in humans. She helps bring balance to different dimensions and with that also the layers of consciousness. You determine your reality through the words and frequencies you send out. By calibrating you can become a messenger of light and you will convey the solution and the answers to everyone’s problem. The gates to multidimensionality will open and you bring Heaven to Earth with your beauty.


The energy of the Wizard brings you back to the consciousness of the origin. It is the deep subconsciousness, where fantasy and magic become reality. Time and space are mere earthly illusions and limitations. Everything exists at the same time, everything exists inside you. Your reality is a reflection of your subconsciousness. By entering the temples of your heart and descending into your depths, all your parts will align with your Higher Self, your Being. In this place of silence you can give shape to future, present and past with Divine will.


The Eagle is the visionary and can express the highest possible reality for us all by following all possible timelines for every action. This ray brings unconditional love on Earth. All fears and the darkness surfaces, so that the connection to your Higher Self can be repaired. He frees you from collective pain by letting everything be. Then you will fly higher than ever before. This ray connects you to the grid of black holes and antimatter. Fields, networks and people are connected in this way. This power brings untiy to man and woman. Once integrated you can connect in freedom.


The Warrior is the primal father, the survivor and foundation of existence. He ensures there is a sense of duty, self-esteem and self-affirmation. Now you can draw upon your Being. Everything that’s not in concordance with the Plan of Creation is touched and conquered. By facing all fears you become invulnerable and can manifest freely. It is the connection to the Stars, the pure male essence, the protective energy that brings about the female ardour with gentle power so that we can work together in harmony.


The energy of the Storm embodies the cycle of growth, blossoming, failing, life and death. Universal unity is waiting for us behind the structures that have fallen over. This power brings everything into place. It detaches that which has rusted. Only that which is real stays upright. It gives access to our DNA, the Blueprint and Grandmastership. It pervades all levels of creation, from the molecular to the very highest. Surrendering to this is the only way, in this manner space is created for paradise. You become connected with all your parts.


The Sun is the energy of all other twelve rays combined. It is the joy and reunification of all life and takes account of the Greatest Good of us all. From this everything arose and to this everything will return sooner or later. There is no judgment, no differentiation, no dualityl only unending love, intelligence, understanding and compassion. The connection to the Source is repaired and all problems and shadows dissolve in the Divine light of perfection. You are ready for the next phase of the Cosmic evolution.