We don’t have to do anything, only to remember

In this exciting time of transformation a lot of old souls will rise and claim their mastery. The School of Ascension is dedicated to supporting these ‘new earth’ people in their last steps so that they can complete the path of their soul

Are you willing to walk your holy path? Do you want to repair the connection to your being and afterwards to bring your personal thesis to this Earth?

In that case you have just found the key…

What does the School on Ascension offer?


Annual programmes and courses that clarify your process and life path through flowing structures


Healing and counseling tailor-made for your soul mission and convey it to the world

The Handbook

An inauguration path of 130 steps towards inner unity. A message directly to the soul


A portal of Earthly wisdom and Galactic knowledge. Initiator of the School of Ascension

Why the School on Ascension?

The School on Ascension offers tools specially made for this time!

Since the matrix has come into existence a lot of roads toward enlightenment have been blocked. Luckily, tools have come to Earth from immense support from higher layers that will bring us past the impossible. Like this the Wheel of Life, the Key of Unity came to me in 2014. A structure based on the old Medicine Wheel, though expanded to higher and deeper layers, the seven higher heavens and seven rainbow layers. This tool frames your development in stages so that you can rediscover a new layer of yourself every time. It’s carried by a field consisting of: the Christ energy, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Spiritual Hierarchy, God, Goddess, Great Spirit and Great Mystery. It’s a balance between the clear mental masculine and the streaming nourishing feminine.

Because it is a blueprint of this Universe you can meet, purify and integrate all of your layers and parts in this. A tool that helps you create an earthly foundation so that your soul can pick up the thread on its immense journey.

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Are you ready to stand for who you are?

Rainbowsessions – tuning in on your soul purpose

This form of healing and counseling originates from the 13 Primal Colours that flow through me. By making my field available activations come into existence. We travel through time and space to crucial moments in your soul history in order to connect you to lost qualities. So that you can stand for who you truly are.

The sessions are a balance between Cosmic, in order to clarify your soul purpose, and Earthly in order to convey it to this world. Especially the combination of the two causes true magic and grand accomplishment.


I remember well how my mission was first shown to me

From an early age I was interested in mysteries. By developing myself on Earthly layers first I paved a strong foundation to work with the unexplainable. My inauguration into the world of energy came after I had done thorough investigation into light and darkness.

My holy path began when I was inaugurated into Sai-Dharti, an energy form comparable to reiki coming from India, when I was 29. But before I was able to pierce the depths of the East my focus was drawn to the West. The mountains of Peru called and a stunning voyage followed. In the holy valley, I recalled old knowledge and was reborn with an old line of healers. These upright shamans have supported me in the periods afterward both physically and astrally in order to heal myself on many layers through rituals and procedures from old cultures. Even though you could call this nature wisdom earthly, there was also a lot of contact with aliens, angels and light beings. Exquisite workshop series followed where we investigated lost societies such as Atlantis, Lemuria and those of the Sahara. This way storylines were adjusted which caused a lot of soul parts and gifts to return to me. Not all of these parts were supportive, dark parts of myself came to the fore as well. It appeared later that they had had a significant impact on my life. The more I opened my heart, the more I could absorb them in my unity. During this time I learned to work with energetic configurations and channeled meditations from powerful earthly and cosmic masters. The connection to my higher self was re-established, which allowed me to walk the path of mastery.

Around 2012 we made discoveries regarding the blanket that was laid on the earth and which keeps mankind sleeping. And what sort of snake nests are released when you remove this veil on yourself or others. We received insight about the source of a galactic occupation, which had been spread through this Universe like a virus. More and more layers became visible that played out on Earthly levels in our environment. Through my galactic family I was offered a tool that allowed me to pass by the matrix, I came into contact with the 13 Primal Colours, the original colours that can trace everything back to the source. My first spiritual master; the Tzolkin calendar gave me a structure of clarity that I used as a basis for the ‘Handbook for the New Earth’. This book is mostly about the earthly history and puts a lot of stories in their rightful place, so that we can proceed as a collective. The Primal Powers allowed me to make right the incorrect translations and add a deepening layer to what was already known. This first part mostly helps you come back to yourself, it opens the gate to the New Earth. But once you’re there, what’s next?

I’m working on this now and is part of ‘The Handbook part 2, Gift to the Cosmos’. In this I describe the continuation of Earthly history but this time mixed in with the galactic origin as well. A line that goes back all the way to the splitting of the Source. When I was promoting the Handbook twelve activations across the country came into being. I was given the task to connect the Primal Colours in their pure form to the provinces. When I arrived in my own province something special occurred, something that I had worked on my entire life with hindsight. I had already come into contact with the wise ancestors from Friesland, originating from the island of Frisland, that year. They whispered to me that I was allowed to start the Counsel of Fire, a group of wise people across the provinces. After a series of workshops the people of Friesland could trace their origin back to the stars, a gate in the star Polaris. The people of Friesland were once again connected to their roots and I could leave Friesland after 35 years of loyal service. This tribe that is tasked with returning things to their origin is, at its core, the embodiment of the 9th Primal Colour, the wizard energy. Slowly I feel the need to speak for them, so that they can regain their true place and with that other tribes can also remember themselves.

The Tzolkin put many things in their rightful place but I was drawn to a different form, one that could grow with the new energies and could pass by the structure of the matrix. After a lot of digging in even darker dimensions this form came my way, a real ‘new earth’ tool that can free us of the illusion of duality. The Wheel of Life. This true key to unity is a constantly evaluating mechanism. One that will grow with your consciousness indefinitely. This tool is a real accelerator on an Earthly level, but it is also a signpost for the larger cycles of your soul, that makes it a means of Ascension. Every year participants graduated and I saw the immense development they went through, which was not always easy. Not everybody is cut out for this immense transformation, I also was not able to escape the intensity of the Wheel of Life. It turned out to be a 4 year programme, with which you work on your base first, and open a new layer each year, until you integrate your divine parts in the 4th year. A pilgrimage was in order in the graduating year and so i fulfilled my next calling, this time to remember the oriental path. I left for the Himalaya’s not knowing what I was going to pick up there. This voyage was not as spotless as the trip to Peru. I was used to operating through the outer world, being a solar creature. But India forced me inward and the path of the moon opened before me. So it has come full circle and now it was time to convey a new balance between Occident and Orient through new insights. The Occident repaired the connection to Mother Earth and gave me tools, structures and insight. The East opened a path to the quiet of Being, the force of true alchemy..

Meanwhile a powerful team of equal masters was formed around me which gives the confidence to leap at this new challenge. A new creation wanted to be born. A stable factor for those that choose the next step in cosmic evolution. A beacon of light that gives luminosity in darkness, a holy path that passes by the matrix. You are welcome to: The School on Ascension.

In love, wisdom and power,

Feel free to email me for personal questions and remarks!