The Wheel of Life – Making the path free for Ascension

Every year in October, four groups spread throughout the country start a new round and as soon as you choose to participate, the wheel of life starts turning. More than ever there is a new energy on Earth and the Levenswiel can support you to handle that acceleration. The wheel invites you at your own pace to stand up for who you are, and for which you came here. Maybe we start upcoming year also a group in English.

The Wheel of Life works just like the old Mystery Schools with different phases in which you always get to see a bit more of the magic. The first two days are more focused on your life here on Earth. These parts are based on the Medicine Wheel which was honored in many ancient cultures. By consciously following your life path again, you can heal parts of yourself. In this way you build a solid foundation so that you are ready to work with higher layers.

Later in the year the weekends follow and different groups come together to work with larger fields. Only now do the gates open to other dimensions and worlds. You come into contact with other parts of yourself, both earthly and galactic. This part actually passes this life, here your soul can take steps for his or her journey through this Universe.

The Wheel of Life is a true ‘New Earth’ tool that you can use for your entire life. It frames your development, making each shift visible and steerable. You can also just let the wheel turn and then the steps to inner unification follow automatically. It is a balance between the path of the moon, feminine flowing from the inside, and sun, male directing from an overview.

To keep it playful and airy, your personal power and assistance animals help you. They show you how you relate to the 37 positions. They also bring you back into contact with parts and gifts that you might have thought to be lost. Every encounter with a power animal is special and shows a lot about your personal process. In this year, power, help, Interim animals will come to you in many ways through maps, dreams, visions, television or in real life.

Do you have room in your life for an immense shift?

Are you ready to face your deepest shadows?

Do you want to go beyond the veils to experience more is possible?

Are you willing to take the necessary steps for your growth?

Do you want to start on your personal task, your golden promise?

Then the Wheel of Life is something for you …


two separate days divided in the autumn / winter

two separate weekends (two nights, two times lunch and breakfast and dinner)

four booklets from the Wheel of Life study material

and after four times being present the Certificate

For information, send an e-mail to

It is possible to start a conversation in advance to see if the program is for you.

The four wind directions

Day 1: The South – foundation – subconscious – underworld – child – power: Surrender

On this day you will get acquainted with the Wheel of Life and we will go through the four directions. You learn to work with power animals. In addition to group meditations, there is also personal attention and everyone receives an energetic attitude that opens the growth for the coming period.

Day 2: The West – descending – your earthly force – middle world – ego – power: Adjusting

On the second day we open the 12 steps of the Medicine Wheel. This is in fact the tool that you can work with throughout your life. You learn to recognize and place animals. Also slowly the gate opens to your shadows, they are the ones that ultimately bring back your gifts.

Weekend 1: The North – gatekeepers – world of guides – soul – Strength: Inner Guidance

In this first weekend you come into contact with your gatekeepers, they are the protectors of other worlds and provide access to new fields and strengths. You slowly come into contact with other dimensions, lost civilizations, but also with dark parts of yourself.

Weekend 2: The East – 7 Rainbow Layers – 7 Upper Heavens – Power: God. Leadership

Now everything comes together, we walk through the outer ring, the Ascension wheel. This wheel is Unique and this gives your soul the ability to touch old themes so that you can take a step forward with your whole being. Together we travel from the Primordial Mother to the heart of God


Who am I?

“Jan Pieter Schreur, author of the Handbook for the New Earth, is a portal of Earthly wisdom and galactic knowledge.On several (inner) journeys I have gathered energy from different corners of the world.The encounter with the original inhabitants of Peru has me connected with many ancient tribes and eventually the wise elsewhere of this country, the Frisians.

From a humble connection with the Christ, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Spiritual Hierarchy, God, Goddess, the Great Spirit and Great Mystery, I bring new energies to earth through sessions, lectures, activations, and annual programs for the purpose; inner unification and liberation from the veils of duality. I create a space of clarity and framework in which everyone can discover his strength. ”

And then there is the team of volunteers and supervisors: Almira, Bart, Yvonne, Roland and Willem



The Wheel of Life 4 year study (option)

The Wheel of Life is in fact a 4-year course. It is not mandatory to do several years because this path is not for everyone. It is quite possible that you only do the first year for the foundation and that you start working with the Wheel after that. It is advisable to do the first two years, because these are mostly personal developments.

If you choose to fully enter into what the wheel has to offer you can choose to do it, third or even fourth year, in consultation with the supervisors. The third and fourth year are focused on your collective task and full service to the unit, for that you have to be the space in your life.


  • 1st year: The Foundation
  • 2nd year: The Path Inside
  • 3rd year: Mastery / collective task
  • 4th year: Ascension / descending of your Being

From the third year you will come into contact with your collective task. In the fourth year you will undertake a Quest on your own initiative in the form of a personal journey somewhere on Earth.

What do you learn?

Recognize power animals

Apply power animals in your life

Create a sacred space

Recognize your saboteurs

Applying the life wheel

Open 9 temples of the heart

Insight into the upper and lower world

Build a relationship with guides

Alignment with your Higher Self

Making a power object

Weeks with gatekeepers

Clarity in your personal path

Clarity in your collective task

Recognize false-light / dark

Multidimensional consciousness

Depending on your path

Guiding energetic setups

Collecting soul parts from the underworld

Secure dark parts

Heal organs, cells and DNA

Guiding meditations and soul travels

Learn to see or write in the blueprint

What can you receive?

Initiations for your personal path

Integration of inner child parts

Connection with your healing lineage

Connection with your galactic family

New gifts, old forces

Gifts from other worlds

Integration of your higher bodies

  • First round of the Wheel of Life