Educational centre by and for masters of the New Age

Every year we begin a new round on the Wheel of Life. Once you choose to participate the wheel of life starts turning and the whole Universe works together with you on this process. An acceleration and deeper integration occurs which allows your being to descend to earth.

Over a period of one year we touch on the four compass points and your spirit animals accompany you on your journey. First we lay a foundation so that you can reach the higher and deeper layers safely. There you can take steps that pass through this life, the path of your soul.

Range of education, courses and workshop series

The School on Ascension has wide range of education, courses, lectures, events and online programmes. What connects all these parts is that they are rejuvenated and continue where other paths stop. They surpass the matrix. The range of events is offered by the team of the School of Ascension that is named at the bottom of the page. You can find the events with the name of the supervisor on the agenda.

Wheel of Life

The overarching system of the School on Ascension, the annual Wheel of Life year programme

13 Primal Colors

These are the 13 Primal Colars, that sustain the Universe. We all originate form a specific colar

Source roots

In order to anchor our being on Earth, we are going dig deep into the roots of our collective past

Online courses

Ascension from your couch. Check up-to-date vlogs, online programmes and webinars here


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